A camp meeting

I want to laugh , When I see How God is involved in everything we do.

I went to Summer Camp for a few days away from Sydney to southern of Sydney. If I am not wrong for the location , A beautiful place like Gold Coast. If you have never been in Australia. Here is a country of  Golden beaches. Summers are crazy for outgoing.  I matched my self with a group of young people.

From my home – I took a bus to our local church from there I met two others guys , Two beautiful souls . One from South Africa and another guy from Paraguay.

It took about 2 hours we arrived to our Motel. We have been located in different rooms but same location. 3 days 2 nights life changing moments like in the heart of local school. Different speaker have been invited to this event.  This was my third summer camp , I had a little bit experience and expected what is going on.

But , That was not matter. I was going with a new prospective to hear from God. To close my heart to Him even it feels hard or impossible. I said ” I do not know God , why I am going there , but I know that you have plan ahead to speak to me “. Girls and boys , Mums and fathers came to this event.

The First day – it was like Holy Spirit night. I look into myself ask God to cleanse any inequity in me and pure me. I confessed , I cried and felt the Holy Spirit going through me. What a moment. You know. When Holy Spirit comes everything changes , our views to this life changes , our body , mind and soul will be renewed. I felt that right that Salon in that local church 10 minutes away from beach. I know that this camp would be entirely different of other normal camps. I was ready to hear and obey God . I was ready to see the changes in my heart. Even may I might feel and say ” Oh I am okay , I have God in me ” . But no , that was not the case. We are made to be together , to love each other in away never be same again. It was not the sense of God, But Himself was there and He took all anxieties , worries  and an ugly side of me out and replaced with goodness , peace and love. We say it is hard to tell God when we are really in Hardship , but I say it is easier than before .

Vulnerability is not sign of weakness but it is an alarm that you are sensitive , that you are beautiful.

First day gone. God did not speak to me directly. But His presence was  tangible . Looking forward for second day , two speaker in two sessions in the morning . One speaker , spoke and given advise about the most issue of young people which is Sex and another speaker talked about mind and thoughts. Why we are worry about future when Jesus told I am the future? and so on.  The same afternoon session was great our fav speaker Robert Fergusson spoke about ” a camp meeting “. How life changing would be? It was a great message which honestly I remember still. 

The Second the gone. God did not speak to me directly.

Third day was here. Before the session start I was so thirsty , It was about launch time. I bought a bottle of water ( small one) and a Kit Kat. I went inside and finished it. Honestly I was so hingry and thirsty and my bottle water finished and no Kit Kat left. I asked someone out there where can I find a water that I can fill my bottle. They said there is none. I said ” ok ” . I went to throw out my empty bottle water – I saw the bin was full. I went to another one- THERE ” Holy Spirit told me do not throw it out go fill it in restroom ” . I said ” what ? ” ” I am saying to myself ” as the Voice I heard told me ” go “. Quickly I went into toilet and I saw that the tap is a form that I can not fill my bottle fully – I said ” okay I will do it whatever “. When I was a bout to fill it . Right THERE heard a voice telling me ” I am going to fill your life full of living water ” . Again , I stopped and looked to the bottle – ” there were a sense of joy within me “..

What an encounter .. God speaks in away we never have expected . In your life , in my life If we allow God speak to us , He will . And He will.

I know you are a passionate person of God, You have read my post till here . I know you a heart that beating for to see his face . Our Father is not small , He is big and He does BIG. He will turn our impatience and weak body and mind and gives us wisdom and strength. Do you believe it? Be filled with LIFE. Live purposefully. Have Joy every moment. And it is okay sometimes we grieve.



Written by Dariush Youkhaneh








St John

When I have decided to write I was a little boy who even have not finished the school yet. I have let the word comes and flow out and beautifully articulated the scenario. I even did not know what did it mean those words , I said it like a poem.


Today , After a few more life lessons , Still I am learning to be an inspirational writer like Saint John.  He inspired me with his Gospel. St John truly illustrated the word of God nicely , I believe God choose those have soft heart to transfer His message to us. John as a young disciple of Jesus is a pattern for me.  I am learning to have soft heart like John whom Jesus trusted to Him and said to John look after Mary ( Mother of Jesus).

All the evangelists, Matthew , Mark , Luke and John are inspirational one.

John the author of many books in new testament were anywhere with Jesus. Him and his brother James were following Him. He is one of the beloved disciple of Christ.

Depart of His testimony which very valuable for the Church. His writing are so unique and exceptional.  His words are very fluent.

He says :

“And these things we write unto you, that your joy may be full.”[John 1 : 4 ]

A great inspirational writer not writing for his/her heart but from his/her heart to gives someone joy. John says I am going to complete your joy. If you have never read John’s books , I recommend you to read.

God is Light , and in Him is no darkness at all.[ John 1 : 5 ]

God is Love, and those who remain in love remain in God and God remains in them. [ John 1 : 16 ]


John as an example for me , teach me and you how we can inspire others around us even when there is no hope . When they crucified John’s teacher ( Jesus) , He was there and witness. Imagine that , they have been killing the purest man , the master of his life.  John knew Jesus was not deserve to be crucified but as later on he realized he is fulfilling the promise although it was hard and harsh to believe. The real light of life was dying in front of Him. He could not write much about crucifixion , as only about one n half chapter talked about that. Because his man focus was the main picture- the real eternal life with Jesus. Later on , He Jesus completed his knowledge toward himself. Before he was so young but as he waked with him in journey. He has a better understanding why Son of God died on the cross.

Above words are a few things about St John. He is the one who see and tasted the love of God. All his writing is about Love and Love.

I want us keep encouraging each other, even you see the harsh things around. Keep up the good words up with the truth inside of you. You are rewarded from heaven. Smile someone today , do not matter what they think who you are because your secret Father knows you. Say a good word to your husband , wife , friend , workmate , father , mother … tell them how God love them , how much they are important in your life. Buy a flower do something .

Good Challenge

What is it most inspire you? Who would be that person? Tell to one person a good word.


Writing By Dariush Youkhaneh  








Be relax to what you have. Do not rush to gain more and more. Money is not the source of our happiness. Our source of content is not money or any other short luxury life here on earth. These are those words that Paul was teaching to young Timothy. We need to learn to be happy with what we already have.  We came naked to this world and we will leave naked also.  We do not accept any other teaching regards to this. Our God is not a poor God. Okay let me a little explain more. The issue is not having a money but how we handle the money is matter.

I want you to read 1 Timothy 6 : 6-10

Bible says: People who are trying to get rich fall into temptation..( verse 9 ).

Most Pastors read loudly and gave comment about verse 10 which it says : The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. And they translate and saying ” Having a lot of money is good but not loving it ” .. We need to be so careful ( saying to myself too) .. Verse before and after are very important lesson Paul teaching to young Timothy ( young me and you).

Lets finish reading verse 10 … Some have wandered away from the faith and have impaled themselves with a lot of pain because they made money their goal.  

Although , Money is a great motivation for everyone but our final goal might not be it. Our final goal to be content to what we have , He has given us everything in Christ.

But Godliness with contentment is great gain.

It is good to buy house and car and everything we need. They are good. But the real contentment are not in those things. God says to us run away from all these things…


But , you , Oh Child of God. You know what I am talking about. Some even brought the pain into their life because of the love of money.

Are you content with what you already have? If yes what is the source of your contentment?

If not , what do you need more?

 We can be thankful for many things in our life. The house we are living in , the food we have , the cloths we have and many other things.. you name it. Let us persue righteousness , love , endurance , and gentleness and grab _ hold of eternal life – you were called to it.

Honour and eternal power belong to Him. Amen

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Big Love (Loving Large)

I know life is harsh and sometimes we can not even bother ourselves to look back. Last Thursday night I heard a testimony from someone that literally shack my heart. He pronounced dead but how God brought him back to life. His hand was full of someone’s blood, How God not only saved his soul also saved him from a tragedy.

I reckon I can not miss the forecast again in Australia. Very fast , Today was the hottest day in Australian history after 1939. About 47 degree above. My Fan is very tired and working from yesterday , My windows is open also. Right now I am typing this is about 24 which compares to 42 is pretty chill. I know. We are in summer. Most of you experiencing of cold weather. Tell me how is the weather there now? Very COLD?

Okay. In this case take your tea or coffee and keep reading my this post. Intentionally I select Loving big because I felt from the start of 2018 we need to remind ourselves Only LOVE matters everything else are in background. If you tell me someone died for me to give me comfort probably I will say go away and do not joke with me. But there is someone who loved me and died for me. The biggest love I know , The largest love we know. The Love of Jesus.

[ A gently chill-wind slapping my face as I am typing this , How good is cold weather 🙂 ].

I want his endless love be within me that I can love people , I can forgive them that I can give my all to them. I even can not imagine this love. I am not talking about romantic love , I am talking that unconditional heavenly love that covered me and you today. Grace and Love how close they are today. People talks about this amazing love but they had never experienced it before.

As Max Lucado says ” God loves us too much to indulge our every whim”.

He loves us in every area of our life. His Loves is so much that He made us like him , A light in the world , His own children.

I remember, One day I asked God . “Please I can not do this , tell me what is the next step” I said. Immediately within a week. I got my answer. He said to me :” Look outside my  child” I said yes Father I see. ” I kept my nation for 40 years I gave them water food and everything they need but do not think I can keep you here for more than two years? ” Such a love overflowed in me from top to down. The peace and his love changed my attitude , and from  then on , I never complained about anything.

Struggle is there yes , But love of God is higher than anything we face.

I love Matthew 5. The sermon on the Mount. It is one of my fav scripture in the Bible. I can not ask God anymore. He says in verse 14 ” You are the light for the whole world..”  We can show to the whole world the eternal love of Father by lighting them. Telling them the truth, acting our life in peace and truth. He says in verse 13 ” You are the salt for everyone on earth..” We can act wisely and be the salt of this broken world. Not by my strength , we do not have any power , we are human. But by his word.

C.S Lewis says ” Though our feeling come and go, God’s love for us does not” .

Let us love each other big. Let us never underestimate the power of loving each other, helping each other. We are living and loving because his first loved us enough. I am thirsty to see the Love of Christ in me and other people.


The Love of CHRIST changes everything in us. My Soul is thirst for Him…

The greatest command of God. Love let it be the first priority of our life. Some of us may doing it already. I am glad you are ahead and obeying God. His Love heals us also. He is the master of healing. I do not know you , But I rely on heavenly Love of Father. I want to be like his Love. I am going to carry the goodness and kindness of him within me. I am going to dream big , love big , live large with an open heart. And I know that I am more than conquerors through him who loved me because NOTHING can separate me from the BIG LOVE of God in Christ Jesus. Amen


What is in your life most matter?

Do you love Him?


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

John 3: 16

Romans 5:8

Matthew 5

Romans 8:37-39

Galatians 2: 20

1 John 3: 1


Into God.

[The life I am livin in.]

Forever secure in Him

I don’t need to hide myself from people. I do not need acceptance of those whome they are unsecure and do not know where they came from. I know , He knows me. I know Before I was born He chosen me be here today and the life I live, I live from Him. He searches me and remove any iniquity in me.

He knows all about me.

When I am resting , He knows.

When I am working , He knows.

When I am upset , He knows.

When I am happy, He knows.


He knows everything..

He made everything

He is the God of everything. He made everything. Good and bad all he knows. The life I am living in it is to discover those, I am praising Him for his awesomeness. The life I have; is a gift from Him , The chocolate I can taste is a gift from him because I have the ability to recognise the good and bad.

Listen to this what bible says about me :

Psalms 139 : 13

” You are the one who put me together inside my mother’s body ” .

I am made in wonderful way in God’s image. I am the one whom God died for me that I can be with Him. If He created me with so much respect and love look after me , How come I am not going to praise and love Him more?

His love is not human like love. His love is divine godly -god’s love. With his own eyes He stare at me in the time of trial and struggle and He teared.

Your endless love never fails and I am so much in love with you.

All in All , He is Truth

Your thoughts are far beyond my understanding, much more than I could ever imagine. When I am sleep you are awake and protecting me. Your heart is so much bigger than anything. You are dressed with so much truth. Take away my wickedness and give me an upright heart, Lord. I am up for it with bended knees , Praying to you Father. Look deep into my heart, God.

Holy Spirit , You are who translate my heart known words to the Father. Oh Holy Spirit tell to Father How thirst is my soul. With all my heart I praise you, Lord. Your Kindness and love never fails.

Father , This is the earth you made , look at it:


I , We  , Our Family, Our friends , Our City , Our country need you more Father. Jesus it is your turn. You have made us what we are. Please Father , Do not give up on us now!

Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Psalm 139