Shift Your View

I declare it in Jesus Name- God is going to shift your prospective. Your view – Your whole spiritual life will change for His kingdom plan. Your every day activity will prosper and his treasure will seat in your heart.

As I was pleading God to change my view in this year ahead- He purely changed my view and – took my tears of heart and shown me three things from His word – which I am going to talk about in a few minutes. Would you allow me to bless you with it- where ever you are now and reading it- Just hold a second ; Let God change your heart again and fresh your soul for his kingdom. Even you may not be a believer – perhaps randomly out of curiosity reading my blog – I am so honoured to have you here. Please I am not going to be pushy – or say the things out of religion – not at all. I am talking to you as a human being and I know you put respect in it. This is my heart I am sharing to you- would you listen to it?

On 14th August – I was praying as usual like this way :  Here I am now – I am going to close to a God , Who can see , feel and touch . I know you are here Jesus. Would you give your word tonight…to me


When I said those words suddenly  Three things has been highlighted to me:

1- Be filled with my words

2- Trust me

3- Worship and obey me

I hold for second..

What is his word – The written word of God – we call it the Holy Bible. As I am reading it more things revealing , more reading more prospective coming , more touching heaven pouring out. Starring to his words like a statues …



Meditating ..

Again three above things has been highlighted.  They grabbed my heart and bought joy again for me and win a prize of clarity in my life. A new direction opened on my way . The light was brighter .. a new door in millions of the shut doors has been opened suddenly in a sec..

He won my heart..

The breezing presence of Jesus was so strong in my room! They hugged me- They changed me .. I was starting exalting Him for His Glory..

“Blessed are the poor in spirit,
    for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Jesus said.

He will bless us even we are poor in view , down in spirit , poor in prospective and weak in certainty. He will lift us up hear. We will be filled with his word as we trust him – than it will be time of worship and obey – not because of regulations but because we love Him. Now is time to go and love someone – Now is the time to be kind and have forgiveness toward others. Now is the time to shift our views for a better. By believing Jesus can.

Listen to this beautiful song :


Let God work in you. Let take you to another level. You are more than a skin – body and mind . Your soul need Jesus.


Written By Dariush Youkhaneh

Author of ” 7 Things For Your Soul! ”


Another Year Ahead

I am thanking God for another year ahead, He has been so good to me. In a few hours I finish my 32 years on this earth. I am So much grateful for this beautiful gift of life. The moment I went deep in love of God – I fell in love with Jesus already. The moment I took to know him was so precious – He promised me , He will be always with me wherever I go. He stayed in His promises until now. He was patient on my errors. Sometimes He punished me for my Good. Dealing with sin never was his attitude. I am here because of His grace. Today I can celebrate my birthday because I have so much to tell others. The story of Grace.

When I was 13 – I was filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues. The moment the fire of God came to me – I was sealed for his purpose on this earth. I did not take vow to serve Him forever- But He took his heart and make  me like become love. He attracted me to his light. To His everlasting crystal beauty Love. I was one small sand in a million sand on his beach. Looking for who can I be? His looking beauty inside me and showing how much he loved me.. more and more. I am learning a life on earth and his showing me how to become a citizen of heaven. I learnt skills will come – surrendering need to be learnt and repentance need to be repeated. Who cares you are famous or rich – poor or wealthy , educated or uneducated , known or unknow whatever you are ..I learnt it really not matter. Here and there .. the matter is how you learnt to become love. Am I humble enough to love an unlovable person?  until now who is my enemy ? I forgave them all already. I do not remember who are they! I love them , forgive them . I don’t do because I need to do – I do it because it makes me love and light; like water. May the year was full of the struggles – but joy of the Lord kept me stronger . He is increasing my faith – I felt that- I am feeling it these days. I am a clay on his hands , His shaping me for a better. I am loving Him more –  in my workplace, in my talking , in my waking , in my shopping , in my life.



Looking for a year of the supernatural ( miracles ) . Getting back to shape in my faith. Practice the presence of God more and taking one step closer to Him. I enjoy this . I delight in the Lord and I am full of expectations to win more. Focus on the goals , loving his people and become like Him – a source of Love – Where ever I go his presence will be with me. Not looking for idols of this world but becoming a real man of Him.

Thank you very much to all of my friends here, Thank you for being with me all this way until now. God bless you every day. Please keep reading this blog – because we are here in this journey of Life; together. I am thanking God for each one of You. You are so precious.  

Father I am thanking for another year ahead you have given me – Lord please allow me to spend well. Let your plan be obvious for me in this year. Lord where is need a faith please pour out yours- Lord wherever need a hope ; please pour out your presence , Lord wherever need a love ; please reach out your hand and comfort. You have been look after-ing  me , Your angels protecting me – how sweet is it! your eyes are upon me. I obey and love you more and more. In your Name. Amen



Dariush Youkhaneh

My books are LIVE in Google Play Store

My beloved readers , Now my book are ready and live in Google Play store. I was waiting about a fair amount to hear from Google. They did not get any new book to be published and their page was closed! But Thank God Recently I have received an email from Google to publish my books on Google Play Store. I am humble for this and so glad for you that you are not only can download the books on your IOS devise ( such as iPhone ) also from now on you are able to order the books through your Android devices ( such as Samsung) .

Please Go ahead and order your copy through your Android devices. If you have iPhone or iPad you are still can go to iBooks and buy yours one! There no time to waste. I have hope and believe in my heart that these books are greatly going to inspire us.


I would be greatly appreciated your reviews. And I can not wait to hear from you.

“‘The Lord bless you
    and keep you;
the Lord make his face shine on you
    and be gracious to you;
the Lord turn his face toward you
    and give you peace.” Numbers 6: 24-26 



By Dariush Youkhaneh

Review of The Case For Miracles by Lee Strobel book

This review is my personal view of The Case for Miracle by Lee Strobel Book.


Before giving my rate to 66 year old Lee Strobel’s latest book; let us introduce him first.

Although you can find a full biography of him in Wikipedia .

He is a wonderful journalist. Let us put away all his awards and shinny outward view of Him. He all deserved it. He is an educated man. His got his bachelor and master degree in two different schools. He was 29 years old became a Christian. He claimed to be an atheist before that. He was impacted by his wife believe Leslie , who invited him to church – shortly after that a ” thought ” shape an investigation further about Christianity. And than he was convinced – The living , the dead and the resurrection of Christ was truly true. Than he becomes an advocate of Him and start writing his investigation which in the figure of interviews and searches. No, Doubt he has a brilliant view of Christianity and a motives for the fellow believers.


His slogan for this book is : Seeking Truth. Finding God. Telling Everyone.

There is a lot of truth in the context of this book reveals. I am really glad for it. They are truly have been experienced in my life and they are right in the right.  Start of the book are about 2-3 pages  random supernatural miracles have been mentioned. Than the book will go in the series of interviews. The book is divided in 5 parts with several interviews.

He started with Dr. Michael Burnt Shermer. Lee Strobel before opening up the interviews he explains why he choose that person for interview and He gives a short introduction for that person. The interesting thing is here Lee uses Michael Shermer name mostly all over the Case For Miracles. He has a special respect to Michael Shermer’s opinion it seems. In all his interviews he never gives sounds of opposites to those people. Though, He leaves the judge to readers. Although in couple of cases looks like he is putting weight much on supernaturality of things. May a miracle will be coincidence  or May Not? Shermer’s faith fall away  during his graduate studies.

The Second interview is with Dr. Craig S. Keener. This time Lee choose a person from non-believe to a strong faith in God. Craig S. Keener is a North American academic and professor of New Testament at Asbury Theological Seminary. Keener received his Ph.D. in New Testament Studies and Christian Origins from Duke University. He response well to Lee’s questions along the way.

The book is not going to convince you that ” oh Here is the prove that God can heal “. Actually it is not going to do that – The book is going to debate the topic and have a conversation around and a few experiences based on explanations. As you see in the title of the book – it is ” the CASE ” for miracles. Lee is travelling a few places to have these interviews. But this is not the case! It is an academic book – a classic interview. Some of the sentence even are not related to what they are talking about and try to relate to topic of the book. Bing Bang theory !  The book is not going to ask real people whom they had a real experience of miracle. But He went to back sense of miracle and ask others what do you think about miracle ? Why did you come to Christianity ? I am sure there are a lot people out there can explain a miracle a way better than this! But this is a research based book not relying on uneducated people rather jumping to ” educated ” people and ask them about these things! If you are like hmmm! and wondering Why he is going to ask those people only?  My idea always was on this – “respect people in their own world even they do not respect yours one! ” Here ; Lee brought you to his own world of research, ask , seek and finding the truth. He leaves the answer to you.

It is you that make distinctive between the coincidence and the miracle. It is up to God who is going to heal. Some will be healed- Some will not be healed. It is God who is the author of life.

In general , If you are investigating the miracle – It is recommended to read. If you are a normal Christian and curios about this topic also recommended to read. Highly recommended if you are non-believer and just changed your faith recommended to read.

He finished the book well with a proverb :

If you scream for insight  

   and call loudly for understanding,

If you pursue it like you would money ,

 and search it our as you would hidden treasure,

then the Lord will be awesome to you,

 and you will come into possession of the 

 knowledge of God.


Improvement :

There is a lot of sentences not need to be mentioned – Just filling the gap? It looks like advertising the interviewee’s products to reader – they are again mentioned at the end the of the book! ( 5% book are references !!!) The form of interview are same and predictable- you will be bored in the mid reading of the book. You know what is going to happen in most cases. It is not a book gives a big ‘ WOW’ but rather slowly try to explain you that now ” you may think not all coincidences are really coincidence , they are from God “.

My own experience of Miracles are different and in general this book is not weird and it is in right way of Christianity. I love the way God changes life and radically use Him for His kingdom way.



My rate for this book is 3.8 out of 5. 




If you read this book- gives me your rate and opinion here.



Dariush Youkhaneh

Author of ” 7 Things For Your Soul ”

The Story of M.. is the Story of Jesus.

OOOps other way around ! the story of Jesus is the story of Mine.. M M M .. Capital M . ME. The story of Miracle is the story of Jesus.

Every one trying to give his/her own idea- If you believe it than you are looking to it in on way! If I am sharing anything here to you know – it is limited into my own world experience only. I am work in progress still. I may know how to drive but I am not know how to ride a horse. So I am so willingly waiting to know your story in your situation , in your city and country which I do not know what it is like to!  This is were Jesus’ story comes in. Jesus healed sick people – He perused Father’s will to be done and shared beautiful love of Him on the earth. But How come this story was so loudly which went to end of the earth ?

If your story strong enough may be loud it to your city – if you novel it; may sound it through country , if it is pretty famous than go through couple of countries and than through whole earth- but may after a few years be forgotten! But what is the story of Jesus remained remarkable after 2000 years plus still a fresh love story. It is not about creating a new own world for yourself to reach there- It is a bout a personal encounter with Him. It is about reality truth ! If it was not real – it should not be survived till now! Because Jesus himself comforts his own followers with love and compassion even there is no evidence to prove it.  Even in the mix of pain and suffering still His followers , following Him without expecting Him more to give. Takes it more; even his loves one need desperately a miracle for healing; crying out to God but nothing happen , Still they are following Him lovingly with seeking face. What is the story of this?


Grace is the story of redemption. It is God’s world which has been stolen by sin. I am here to have victory over it. God’s word is enough to comfort me even there is no voice of Help. Years after years , getting older and older; looking for purpose and meaning; But right there my story begins when ” In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. ” Yes your story and my story begins with Genesis 1 : 1 . If we are killing someone , we are killing our own ones. We are in one Family , created by One God in forms of Father , Son and the Holy Spirit. Our story is His Story , because Our journey starts when “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. ” We did not know where to start he knew and he had a great plan for it. My purpose is to testify His name here , there and everywhere! 

My ” meaning ” is to live a life of honour for Him- I am belong to Him and he is mine. He created me to live for Him. I have no other world except His world. I have no other idea and opinion to makes me doubt of ” my home heaven “.  He made me complex and gives me simple Grace. My own choice do not make me better – I will align it with Father’s will; that make it better for me. I enjoy life – live in it freely. I Help others , love them and forgive them. I receive the hurt and pour it out to God’s feet and He gives me strength to endure it. Because He knows one day we will be with Him forever. My teacher gave his life for this story – the story of redemption and freedom. I heard a thousands gave their life – after a while I heard millions of people gave their life to this story. The story of Jesus. Why Cannot I live in righteousness ? Why Cannot I live in peace , love and freedom?

I have decided to make change – A huge change not inside of me – but people around me even there is a lot other stories seems to stole mines one! My story is the real one because it is the story of Jesus- A heavenly story. A story of true healing and redemption. My repentance accelerate much better everyday. Not the word of my mouth only but the word of my heart evidently changed for a better. That makes me be more genuine and faithful. I peruse it to awesomeness. In every daily activity of my life –  home to school ,  home to work , Home to shopping , in the car , on the way .. In everything – My story is the story of miracle of Jesus in my life.



Now and forever.




Dariush Youkhaneh

Author of Serving the Living God