​Enter the rest

The good things about rest is, you will be refreshed and full energised. It says live life like a butterfly. Take rest. But never forget How to fly. So busy to rest – so ‘do-nothing’ life to rest. What ever side we are today we need to enter the rest and fresh our souls somehow. … More ​Enter the rest

Wild Dream

​You​You have a dream. I have a dream and we have a dream. our dreams build our future and our imagination come true. Martin Luther King had a dream. Mother Treza had it and many many people before had it. They all came and gone. They tried and stood till the end , some of … More Wild Dream

588 words

I am grateful again of God of heaven. I am thankful to Him because I am content who I am and what I have. Contentment and dreams are two different things. I am content and dreaming more. In each step when God given me something I look above to sky – in the day to … More 588 words

His Splendour !

Grace is an indescribable word. Life and beauty attached to unlimited source of light. God is so near than we thought and imagined. We can walk around with one touch be so near to our soul creator. For a second we can fly and reach to His unconditional love. What is love? It is a … More His Splendour !