Gathering 200 the most inspirational christian blogs of 2020 / comment your blog …

The next following days , I am going to gather 200 the most inspirational christian blogs of 2020.

I believe by heart that most of you and your blog are the most inspiring. Can you please comment your blog in the comment that I will check it out personally and add you in the final list.

I am going to publish it in a seperate post here in this blog that everyone can check your blog out. If your blog is a Christian based and inspiring people, please let me know in the comment. If you know other blogs please let them know to register here.

Don’t just come and go , comment your blog below with a small description of whats your blog about. I love you be in the final list.

I am waiting to see all amazing , inspiring blogs here … let’s get started

Much Love

Dariush Youkhaneh


  1. Hi Dariush: Just bounced into your post and got excited with what you seem to be attempting. My blog thegodminute is “a daily dose of God’s touch in a minute”. Please feel free to check it out and be blessed in your effort.

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    • Thanks Sophia for stopping by, I am blessed ! Sure thing , I am going to check out your blog. I am excited you are here:)
      I am slowly gathering 200 most inspirational blog of the year , please if you know good blog like yours please refer them here, more than happy to check them out and add them in the list.

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    • Thanks for the time and leaving your king and warm comment. Welcome to blogger world , Hope you enjoy and have fun alongside with other fellow blogger. Keep posting , look forward to see more posts
      Peace be with yoi

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  2. I cannot wait to check these blogs out. I am new. I have two posts and hardly any views, so I don’t know if I fit the category. I just want to glorify God and hopefully encourage others. The name Is Lighten the Load.

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    • Hey , I am glad you are here ! And so blessed with your comment. Yes definitely, I’ll be finalising it and grateful to see your blogs. Please keep writing good posts and may God bless you every single day.

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  3. Hi I am Mukti.
    I have designed my Christian blog in a way so as to appeal to non-Christians and non-believers as well. I share any story or perspective with an additional dose of Christian values, Biblical principles. I began this blog with an intention of proclaiming my faith to the rest of the world so even non-believers take away something concrete. My heart’s desire is to bring and win more souls to Christ or point people towards the Cross. Thanks for this opportunity. Whether or not I am selected, I believe this is a great work that you are doing.

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    • Hi Mukti, thanks for letting us know about your wonderful blog , I am blessed to know it. It is indeed a source of inspiration for everyone.
      Please share this post as we can reach more bloggers out there, the Final list will be published end of this year. Peace be with you , you are awesome. Thank you

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  4. Hey, I’m new to blogging, and a New Born Christian. I would appreciate if you checked out my blog
    I am merging my English Language essays with scriptures from the Bible. I believe there is a lot we can learn from from studying and learning Gods word. I am new to blogging, so I don’t expect to be on your list. But I would love some feedback from some fellow Christians. God Bless.

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    • Hi , Great to see you here and welcome to world of bloggers. Keep blogging and posting great thoughts of yours by touch of Holy Spirit. Follow your fellow bloggers there are a lot to learn , i am sure you got a lot to share to.
      I’m so glad to see your comment here.
      Keep shining

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