588 words

I am grateful again of God of heaven. I am thankful to Him because I am content who I am and what I have. Contentment and dreams are two different things. I am content and dreaming more. In each step when God given me something I look above to sky – in the day to … More 588 words

His Splendour !

Grace is an indescribable word. Life and beauty attached to unlimited source of light. God is so near than we thought and imagined. We can walk around with one touch be so near to our soul creator. For a second we can fly and reach to His unconditional love. What is love? It is a … More His Splendour !

Into His Likeness 

Thursday’s devotion. mostly , I share my Thursday devotion to my friends through what’s app. I said why not sharing to my global friends.  Here, I m on the train ( going to work )and God revealed me something new and fresh. Also Jentzen Franklin devotion was a great wake up alarm.  Verse :  All … More Into His Likeness 

I choose to be… 

Having not internet at home is such a pain these days and  more worse is to not finding your laptop charger around! With all limitation I choose and made decision to update my blog by my little smartphone. Became something in my heart burning to tell you all. I believe and trust this post will … More I choose to be…