Made in His Love

Everything made by His love. There are no things that He was not mindful of. In Him we have been formed in His beautiful love. His love purify higher than any fire. His love is a super-fire heavenly realm. But with all his holiness and greatness He came for me to rectify my sinful nature … More Made in His Love

Fall in His Love! 

Increase your Faith by Love. This is the love very society needs it. Some of us run away from it . Some others overdose with it . Others have never saw it. Jesus said by Love they will know you are my disciple. This is a simple powerful magic. Sometimes love looks like hate for … More Fall in His Love! 

Oh oh o..

Hold your breath for two seconds.  Look to the beauty of nature out there. All this beauty made for you to live in- to have a laugh of being alive right now! If I’m wrong correct me. Your life is full of awesome things need to be tasted. If you need to fly , so … More Oh oh o..